With a very saddened heart, I am passing the news that Kenny King, driver of the K7 4 cylinder, passed away last night after his feature race. Kenny has been a lifelong friend to many people in the racing community including the Mayabb family. A lot of people were fortunate enough to know Kenny and call him their friend. I never saw the man without a smile on his face just itching to tell you some kind of story. Just last night he passed the track up to go pick up a friend that needed a ride to the track and when he came back he was telling a story to Walt as he went in. Whenever you saw Kenny King, you saw him laughing and having a good time no matter who it was with. I spoke with him last night after hot laps and in Kenny King fashion he was telling a good story. I ask him how many rpm’s that Chevette was cranking and he said “every pound she will crank” with a big grin on his face.

Racing was a major part of Kenny’s life and I don’t think anyone was ever any happier to be in a car than he was. He was a major fan of 191 Speedway and 191 Speedway was a fan of Kenny’s too. Most of us will never get to choose where or how we will depart this life but I feel Kenny King got to choose. He was at the place he loved doing what he loved to do. Kenny will be greatly missed at the track but I know he will be watching over us all every Saturday night with that big grin on his face.