What a great opportunity for the students of Wolfe County High School. A big shout out to Wolfe County High School principal Greg Creech and all of the staff involved for making this happen. Here is the email Mr. Creech sent out.

WCHS, WCHS Youth Service Center, The Mayabb Family and UNITE are happy to announce an exciting field trip to 191 Speedway’s Wince Mayabb Memorial Dirt Race on Saturday September 13th, 2014.

Wince’s dream before his tragic death was to involve every single kid of Wolfe County in activities such as sports, motorsports and other activities to keep them away from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Wince dreamed of the dirt track, a park for little kids, a park for older kids, activities involving motorsports and all sorts of alternatives for our youth. Wince got the dream started with the track and I feel It’s our responsibility to keep the dream alive.

UNITE and WCHS are constantly looking for ways to involve kids in fun activities that will help keep their mind off of choices and activities involving Drug/Alcohol use. We are pleased to announce that this event will allow kids to see the sport of dirt track racing and the amount of work, dedication and commitment it requires. These particular events will include:

Motivational Speech from one of 191’s Dirt Late Model drivers
Track preparation and maintenance procedures
Race day preparation
Staff training
Safety precautions and equipment seminar
Technology and timing system prep
Driver and car introductions
Driver’s meeting
Team Pit tour

Students may qualify for this trip by achieving at least one of the following goals:

Be an active UNITE Club Member
At least one Positive referral from a teacher through Mrs. Gullet’s Positive Referral Program.
Perfect attendance for the 2014-15 school year
Straight As on first mid term

WCHS would like to thank everyone involved in making this event possible for our students!